How to mount a self-lubricating bushing?

Assembling a Metafram bronze bushing requires some precautions. For optimum use, the bushing must be fitted with a mandrel with M6 tolerances. This bushing must systematically be press-fitted to guarantee its perfect positioning and thus respect the tolerances of the bearing after fitting.

The change in tolerances of the Metafram bushing

Tight fitting of a Metafram bushing involves a change in tolerances. Housing tolerances must be in H7. The clamping between bushing and housing and the final bushing bore tolerances were determined for a rigid housing of steel or, in a pinch, cast iron. For any other housing (non-rigid or any other material), the tightening constraints being different, plan practical tests to define the bore tolerances.

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The operating clearance of a Metafram self-lubricating bushing

It is essential to observe the operating clearance for Metafram bearings. This set allows for optimum operation and lubrication. Failure to follow this recommendation may result in insufficient lubrication and premature bearing wear.


The optimal setup is a running game in H7 / f7 or H8 / f7