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general information

Poral ® is a French company specialized in designing and manufacturing technical components coming from the metal powder sintering technology.

A few figures about Poral ®:

  • 1st French supplier in powder metallurgy
  • 75 years of experience
  • 2 production sites in France
  • 4 brands

In order to match the requirements of its customers, Poral ® has created 4 brands of products which suit a large number of sectors (car industry, transport, aerospace, chemical industry, nuclear, etc.)

OLORON FRITTAGE® : Mechanical parts

PORAL® : metal porous filters

METAFRAM® & METAGLISS® : Self-lubricating bearings & friction plates

ADDITIVE METAL® : High value added complex parts

company history

Poral ® benefits from 75 years of experience in powder metallurgy


LPF acquired Sintertech from TM France. The firm was then named Poral SAS and started investment for powder metallurgy in France.


TM France acquired Sintertech from Federal-Mogul. The firm was then named Sintertech SAS.


T&N was bought by the American group Federal-Mogul.


The British components manufacturer T&N took over Sintertech.


Pechiney and Usinor Groups merged their metal powder industrial activities, Alliages Frittés Metafram with Oloron Frittage. That is when the name Sintertech was created.


The history of Poral ® company has begun in the 40s. During decades, the firm has developed to become a major actor of the powder metallurgical industry in Europe.

That is when the brands METAFRAM® and PORAL® successively appeared.

The sintering technology

Sintering is a process to manufacture metal components from sintered powder, based on high-temperature diffusion, below the melting point.

Metal Powder is a raw material and as mixed additives and lubricants.

It is then pressed thanks to specific equiment to get the required shape. At that moment, the component is crumbly.

The component is heated in a sintering oven below the melting point. When coming out, the component will offer mechanical resistance.

After the basic operations of pressing and sintering, the components will go through additional operations such as sizing, deburring, washing, thermal or surface treatment.

Why choose sintered components?

  • Sintering makes it possible to manufacture components with complex geometrical shapes without using additional operations (machining, deburring, etc.). That is the “near net shape” principle.
  • Little or no waste of material during manufacturing.
  • Sintering can be repeated and enables to manufacture great volumes of identical components with low costs.
  • Sintered components have mechanical properties which are close to forged components and while being lighter.
  • Sintering gives a good aspect to components when coming out of the furnace.
  • Sintering offers specific properties such as self lubrication, filtering, good tensile force, etc.

Poral mission, vision and values


Provide our customers with a large selection of quality-sintered components and work with industrial excellence procedures so as to meet or go past our customers’ requirements.


Work hand in hand with our customers and partners to develop quality and eco-friendly innovating solutions together.


Promote our company culture, based on deep values such as professionalism, respect and team spirit.


Technical expertise has always been our priority and we benefit from a unique expertise. Thanks to the professionalism of all its teams, Poral guarantees your satisfaction.


Poral believes in team work and favours it. Team spirit enables us to communicate better, progress and succeed together.


Respecting men and honouring our commitments are some of our main principles. Poral is also involved in protecting the environment by limiting and reducing its industrial waste and its carbon footprint.