PORAL ® Metallic Porous Filters

PORAL ® is a well-known brand name for high performance porous sintered media filters,

in stainless steel, nickel alloys or Bronze.
They allow use over a wide range of temperature and corrosive environments.

PORAL ® sintered filter provides solutions for multiple markets and application fields worldwide:

chemical and petrochemical icon  Chemical & Petrochemical: Corrosive liquids or gases, cryogenic fluids,

medical icon  Medical, Pharmaceutic & cosmetic: Respiratory devices, separation…

aeronautic icon  Aeronautic, Space & Military: Oil or kerozene filtration,...

food and beverage icon  Food & Beverage: Aeration, hydrogenation, oxygen stripping…

mechanical and construction icon  Mechanical & Construction: Hydraulic filtration, silencers, plastic mould gas evacuation, fluidized beds…

nuclear icon  Nuclear: Calciner exhaust gaz filtration…

welding device and metrology icon  Welding Device, Metrology & Instrumentation, Valves: Flame arresters, sensors protection, high pressure valves protection…

water treatment icon  Water treatment: Ozone diffusion, purification…

design and luxury icon  Design & luxury appearance parts

The main advantages of PORAL ®

sintered metal filters are:

  • High temperature resistance, stability over a wide temperature range from cryogenic (<150°C) to 900°C,
  • High filtration efficiency, from 0.2 to 270 µm according to the material and grade.
  • High corrosion resistance, chemical stability
  • High mechanical strength, high differential pressure capability, resistance to vibration and abrasion,
  • Easy cleaning for significant operational cost savings by reverse flushing with a clean fluid, by appropriate solvents, chemical reagents, ultrasonic washing or calcining (long useful life),
  • Easy to implement in any installation design (machinable and weldable, complex shapes),
  • Regular behavior, homogeneous repartition of porosity.

Our PORAL ® filter range

Nevertheless, no matter if you need standard shapes and fittings or customized filter solutions, our team will be your partner to develop customized filter solutions which meet your requirements.

high quality standards

To ensure the best quality to our customers, PORAL ® sintered porous filters are controlled according to standardized tests:

Bubble test

First bubble pressure measurement as
ISO 4003:1977 / NF EN 24003:19993


Pressure drop measurement as
ISO 4022:1987

Mechanical resistance

Flexion, traction and
fatigue measurement

PORAL ® porous products may be used for filtration of gas or liquid,

separation, flow equalization, flow restriction, bubbling, aspiration, flame arrestor, coalesce, fluidized bed and noise reduction & protection.


When the particle size is smaller than the pore size, the particles penetrate through the porosity of the filter media. Particles encounter many obstacles, and are retained in the thickness of the filter.


When pore size is smaller than particles to be filtered, they are retained on the surface of the filter. Back flush cleaning is readily performed.

flow control

PORAL ® sintered filter can allow user to have a constant outflow.

Flow restriction

PORAL ® porous sintered products can benefit to have pressure drop in some applications.


To disperse a gaz into a liquid, to aerate the liquid for example.


To retain moisture contained in a gaz.

Fluidized bed

Solids particles are converted from a static state to a dynamic state. The advantage of the fluidized state is that the solids particles have similar flow properties to those of a liquid phase. The fluidized state begins when the gas velocity is sufficient to be able to carry solid particles.

Noise reduction

PORAL ® porous sintered filter allow noise reduction by reducing the pressure. The efficiency will depend on filter features.

Instructions for use :

PORAL ® porous products are produced by Powder Metallurgy. This technology consists in shaping and sintering. The shaping may be performed by different ways depending on the considered material: cold isostatic or uniaxial compaction, gravity filling. Sintering is the main step for Powdered Metal products which is based on atomic diffusion that occurs at high temperature below the melting point under controlled atmosphere. The atoms in the powder diffuse across the boundaries of the particles, fusing the particles together.

PORAL ® filters are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001, IATF 16949 quality standards.

PORAL ® filters comply with the following European directives: